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The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

We are proud that Edmonton, Alberta's only Four Diamond-rated luxury hotel has partnered with us! 

The initiative began with their Green Stay Package, which ran until December 31, 2009. Since then the initiative has grown with our forests and now includes a Green Stay Option for every guest and an Eco Meet promotion for hosting eco-conscious events, like the Alberta Funeral Services Association's 83rd Annual Conference! The wonderful staff at The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald also give our unique green gifts to clients from time to time, including those who attended the Signature VIP Event on November 25, 2009 and the University of Alberta Lunch & Learn on March 18, 2010.

Through their partnership with us, The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald purchases Carbon Plus Credits to ensure that each of their environmentally minded recipients has a tree planted and cared for in their name. Each Carbon Plus Credit purchased from Dad's Forest is equivalent to the planting of approximately three pine trees, which have been growing since July 2007.

Thanks to our partnership, as of May 11, 2011, The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has supported:

  • the planting and care of 383 trees;
  • the creation of more than 2,403 square meters of forest;
  • the offseting of 130,000 kilograms of CO2eq emissions;
  • taking the equivalent of about 26 cars off the road; and
  • the contribution of $130.00 to community causes via our Community Fund.

If you have received a certificate through this partnership please find your name listed below to confirm the step you have taken to help Find Your Balance. You can also click here to see a listing of Our Offsetters, which shows that the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has purchased the appropriate number of Carbon Plus Credits from Dad's Forest. 

To share the gift of a carbon balanced lifestyle with someone you know Offset Now and Find Your Balance today!

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Fairmont Hotel Macdonald Certificate Recipients
Lee and Dayna Coughlan
Ms. Jill Heckman
Jamal El Husseini
Julie Conrad
Francine St-Martin
Mr. Sean Kelly
Shirley Trowbridge
Jennifer Shaver
Pierrette Labrie
Sonia Roy
Francoise Landry
Michelle Albagli
Darlene Murray
Joanne Fichault
Kate Bourk
Gwen Crowdis
Charlaine Gendron
Sylvie Brun
Gail Mulhall
Carla de Koning
Sylvie Couture
Dr. Mike Cranfield
Andre Bauma
Raemonde Bezenar
Dr. Jane Goodall
Donna Grant
Jane Horgan
Anna Plonka
Carol Shelstad
Deb Baker
Linda Carr
Ms. Terri Kosh
Ms. Tove Elkaim
Suzanne Mcphedran
Margaret Gilmore
Leigh Anne Norris
Ms. Cory Cavers
Sarah McNab
Peter Hart
Larry McCammon
Christine Capchack
Justine Lackton
Hilary Anaka
Ms. Ginny Bannerman
Monica Barclay
Djhanine Bautista
Mr. Ken Beleshko
Mr. Allan Bly
Donna Bonk
Kristin Boser
Laara Braz
Tom Bryant
Tamara Bugyra
Jamie Burke
Joyce Byrne
Rosanne Cezar
Jennifer Chaput
Elke Christianson
Dennis Chronopoulous
Will Colford
Lorene Cowburn
Mr. Rick Curtis
Corrinne Dacyshyn
Ms. Charlene Daniels
Maggie Davison
Mr. Robert Day
Ms. Lynn Devlin
Mr. Don Diduck
Ms. Stacey Dominiuk
Jerrold Eilander
Ms. Sabina Eng
Sharon Foster
Marie Gervais
Nicole Gervais
Carmalita Hallett
Judy Harcout
Jean Harper
Ron Harry
Neris Havelock
Mr. Tom Hayduk
Mr. Ian Hope
Tia Hoti
Fiona Jakielaszek
Ms. Jayne Jeneroux
Sharon Katzeff
Faqir Khanna
Carrie King
Lisa Kizuk
Ms. Nancy Laing
Jody Lanctot
Ms. Midge Landals
Ms. Susan Lang
Ms. Shirley Layne, CMP
Ms. Mary Learning
Michelle Limoges
Bonnie Lopunshinsky
Ms. Annette MacPherson
Karli Martin
Sandi Martini Smith
John McDonald
Stroud McDonald
Anita McGillis
Ms. Sherri Mclean
Mr. Dennis Merrell
Zoe Morris
Dorothy Morrison
Nichole Olenek
Shirley Pocket
Linda Potolicki
Sona Poulin
Lori Rebalkin
Darlene Sapach
Arlene Schilke
Ms. Irmy Shaw
Jane Shick
Cameron Smith
Lynn Storey
Jacquie Tackaberry
Brent Taylor
Ms. Sue Timmermans
Terry Tobin
Lorena Tyschuk
Janet Walker
Heather Walsh
Analea M. Wayne
Stanley Wong B.Sc., CCPE
Ms. Michelle Woywitka
Yuliya Dolgaya
Ms. Melissa Baylyn
Ms. Regan Klyn
Jamie Campbell
Angie McNeill
Carol Landry
Karen Hudena
Diane Gandolfo
Marie Kaszas
Wendy MacKenzie
Mark Dosman
Sherri Duggan
Helen Mullin
Shannon Gardiner
Dany Caicco
Mary Pepe
John Shelley
Emily Kemp
Jennifer Green
Yasamine Jacobs
Audrey McBean
Debbie Montes
Angela Woods
Sonya Malcolm
Carmela Chiovitti
Carol Young
Carey Peebles
Janine Gervais
Michael Frederick
Jacqueline Duncan
Julia Chronopoulous
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Wendy Kirkpatrick
Dewi Kuipers
Clint Undseth
Sarah Friesen
Bret Alexander
Trish Ouellette
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Sara Deull
Karin Arseneault
Benoit Fournier
Sarah Ross
Linda Szewczyk
Dr. Shelby Frank
Travis Jacobson
Sheila Fajardo
Derek Armstrong
Colin Ayton
Lisa Blakey
Marie Bobey
Luc Brousseau
Geral Bruin
John Bruin
Dale Campbell
Jill Chow
Fraser Comb
Natasha Corbett
Deb Debora
Michael Dolynchuk
Denis Dufresne
Robert Durling
Kari Dyer
Danielle Elder
Linda Ewaschuk
Laura Garrick
Sieg Heydenrych
Shiraz Jaffer
Arlene Kanigan
Jeanne Keith-Ferris
Charene Knibbe
David Langstaff
James Lawlor
Gerald Lawrence
Lindi Leibovitz
AJ Lemay
Todd Lynes
Lynn Macmullin-Cudmore
Melanie Matuszak
Henry Moulin
Bill Okruk
Christine Parent
Darren Pedersen
Christine Resler
Joel Rudman
Geoffrey Sander
Kevin Taylor
Russell Taylor
Ernest Troescher
Richard Tuohey
Jeremy Van Dyke
Mark Van Dyke
Bruce Bauer
Tim Janz
Ed Atkinson
Ronald Bynum
Jon Culley
Steve Parry
Larry Guthro
Mimi Stewart Peck
Jon Mamela
Janaka Ruwanpura
Rose Hanson
Mariana Burstyn
Lee-Ann Lally
Kirsten Corbett
Kobie Brandt
Genevieve Giguere
Judy Johnson
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Marie-Andrée Vaillancourt
Donna Jones
Frank Denommee
Irene Lucchetta
Helene Mazoyer
Dr. Randall Sargent
Scott McMahon
Dr. Randall Sargent
Kistra Ring
Tyler Spurgeon
James Griffin
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Cathy Williams
Carmen McCarron
Alfred Dorey
Jennifer Marquines
Michelle Phillips
Sarah Howard
Sean MacQueen
Jennifer Dorn
Linsay Hilliard
Deanna Schroeder
Marla Touw
Bonnie Austin
Linda Carr
Linda Coyle
Kevin Yates
Stephen Nelson
Pauline Marshall
Gordon Sidney Cross
Debbie Olsen
Laura Severs
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Dr. Randall Sargent
Daniel Lariviere
Sheila Fajardo
Kathleen Gibson
Mariella Amoros
George Kosmas
Randy Pasay
Jeremy Draper
Anita Annesley
George Kosmas
George Kosmas
Meredith McKague
Margaret Whittaker
Anne-Marie Barnhill
Temmerah Volkovskis
Dr. Randall Sargent
Sarah Dayboll
John Allan
Florentino Arganosa
Natalia Bills
Mathieu Bilodeau
Liz Bolduc
Mitchell Bolduc
Erin Bosch
Graham Boyce
Rick Braund
Mark Breakell
Mary Jane Callsen
Alan Carter
Michael Chomyshen
Trent Clark
Ruth Colombina
Shelley Connors
Michael Cvik
Robert Durling
Brett Farquharson
Carrie Fedick
Jessica Fleurant
Darryl French
Danielle Gillies
Greg Hadubiak
 Steve Hobbs
Drew Hunt
Pepukai Jones
Danielle Kadatz
Jenn Kerr
Rebecca Koss
Nadine Kreussler
Amy Kudrowich
Russ Lavoie
Robert Lindsay
Raymond Luchkow
Marilyn Machutchon
Roman Maev
Chris Maisonneuve
Amrit Matharoo
Cory McAuley
Margo McLaughlin
Tina McMillan
Helen Meyer
Donald Millar
 Catharine Mousseau
Carson Newby 
 Laurie Nixon
 Ed Nordlund
 Sharon Norris
 Benjamin Parkinson
 William  Paull
 Nancy Penman
  Robert Petrone
 Claudia Proudfoot
 Heather Rae
 Kevin Rathburn
 Larry Reddecliff
 Fran Schonhoffer
 Rob Scollie
 Kristine Semrau
 Eleanor Spain
 Jason Stephen
 Theresa Stevens
 Don Stubbs
 Subra Subramaniam
 Sayler Thebeau
 Jennifer Thenu
 Melanie Turvey
 Tim Vandegriend
Bill VanGenne 
 Philippe Von Stauffenberg
 Ashley Wagenaar
 Gerben Wansink
 Kevin Wen
 Dave Wheeldon
 Mark Wolanski
 Cheryl Wong
Robert Wonnacott
Sandra E Yaremko
Lisa Young
Peter Young
Keith Johnson
Richard Janik
Martin Meulendyke
Sandra Moore
Pierre Karl Peladeau
Luc Lavoie
Bruce Nordin
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Beattie
Deborah Lynn Power
Lynn Walsh
Mavis Lau
Sidney Maddison
Neiges Senechal
Dr. Randall Sargent
Dr. Randall Sargent
Liju Varghese
Nathan Horton
Kavita Sastry
Erika & Andrew Purdy
Dr. Gary Miller
Catherine Juniper
Kerry McKee
Edna Iacuelli
Stewart Brown
David Morley
Shane Gauthier
David Howell
Chelsea Stellek
Laurel Hinz
Dr. Michael Kuntz
Sue Schulli
Helen Meyer
Sonia Charbonneau
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Steve Hrudey
Sunita Narain

Table Last Updated: March 2, 2012

It is the responsibility of The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald to inform their clients that their names will appear on this page and get appropriate permission for the listing. If you are listed in the table above and would like your name to appear as a different screen name of your choice or simply listed as "Anonymous", please send an email to

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