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Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

What do The Carbon Farmer and Enbridge Pipelines have in common? Turns out, there's quite a bit!

Our featured client in our October 16, 2013 CBC Dragons' Den update, Enbridge Pipelines, has a Neutral Footprint commitment, which includes a Tree for a Tree Program component. In a nutshell, Enbridge plants a tree for every merchantable tree they remove.

We started restoring forests as a way to sustain our family’s farm, create habitat and address climate change. By teaming up in a partnership with Enbridge Pipelines, we've restored habitat on hundreds of conserved acres across Alberta in the last year and Enbridge Pipelines has now planted more trees than they have removed since they began Neutral Footprint. We couldn't be happier to help ensure this trend continues!

Read more about our partership here. Or check out the video below to see some Enbridge employees planting trees with Bruce Croxon, and Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk...on a very cold and rain day in Calgary, Alberta.

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After a multi-year journey of largely behind the scenes improvements, the next evolution of sustainability has arrived at Delta Hotels by Marriott, and we're honoured to be a part of bringing environmental responsibility front and centre each time you check-in.

Animal Experience International

Improving the welfare of animals around the globe

From endangered turtle rehabilitation in Canada to restoring the bat and flying fox populations in east Australia, Animal Experience International (AEI) empowers students, professionals and animal lovers to travel by providing exceptional volunteer adventures on nearly every continent. Learn how this outstanding organization also works diligently to ensure that the air remains clean and abundant for generations of rescued animal and volunteer friends to come.

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Garth Braun

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"We'd like the actions of Blackbird to be a tipping point for the oil and gas industry"

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