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There's no denying that the Cheque Print team loves the big blue we are all riding on and as such, they are actively doing their part to keep our beloved Earth clean and healthy. Acknowledging that part of their business success relies upon the use of trees, Cheque Print has decided to create a forest to replenish those trees used in their printing processes. Having determined that the average tree yields enough pulp to produce 8,333 sheets of paper, Cheque Print is helping to restore forests by having a tree planted for every 8,000 pages printed.

Not unlike the rings of a tree, Cheque Print’s core values have been growing for over 15 years and this dynamic group has a keen eye on becoming one of Canada’s most environmentally friendly cheque printing companies. By planting trees every month to make up for the cheques printed, they will be there in no time! Find out more about their forest and the many other steps Cheque Print is taking to become more environmentally friendly.

Real People, Real Solutions, Real Easy is the Cheque Print motto and by planting trees to compensate for paper used, they are providing a Real way to help the forest, Canada and the environment.

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We'll plant and care for a tree in your name, so you can restore habitat.

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We'll offset your carbon footprint, so you can address climate change.

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We'll grow you certified organic grains, so you can know your food.

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