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George P. Mackie Junior Public School

George P. Mackie Junior Public School

George P. Mackie Junior Public School is comprised of 150 of the most environmentally enthusiastic students you may ever come across. Holding Eco Club meetings twice a week and having student leaders promote their green bin program, while also teaching their fellow pupils how to use their energy saving and recycling bins whenever possible, George P. Mackie Junior Public School is undoubtedly making many conscious efforts to help keep our environment healthy and clean.

Having already achieved a Silver EcoSchool status, the goal of this year's Eco Club is to be able to attain a Gold level standing through the Ontario EcoSchools program. So, in addition to the many tulips and daffodils they planted around their school in the fall to spruce up their immediate surroundings, staff and students have decided to create the Mackie Junior Public School Eco Forest, which is an online representation of the real trees the school has helped to plant to restore some of Canada's most sacred lands. As every virtual tree seen online mirrors a real life tree that is planted by The Carbon Farmer, this eco-exercise provides an excellent opportunity for staff, parents and other caring community members to teach students about the ways in which their tree planting significantly aids in the restoration of habitat for the native species of plants and animals that call Canada's forests home.

Witness the growth of the Mackie Junior Public School Eco Forest and add your own trees to help expand the square metres of forest created.

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More LED options. More savings. More trees.

Founded in 2003 and based out of North York, Ontario, Canada, Turolight has been leading the way in lighting technology since then. They deliver brighter, better, for less to save you more money. And with their latest commitment to plant more trees they hope to be a catalyst to help save the world too.

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Improving the welfare of animals around the globe

From endangered turtle rehabilitation in Canada to restoring the bat and flying fox populations in east Australia, Animal Experience International (AEI) empowers students, professionals and animal lovers to travel by providing exceptional volunteer adventures on nearly every continent. Learn how this outstanding organization also works diligently to ensure that the air remains clean and abundant for generations of rescued animal and volunteer friends to come.

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