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My neighbours are Brad and Rebecca, or as I like to call them, The Carbon Farmers. They are turning select parcels of previously farmed land that has been in their family for three generations back into boreal forest. This is great news for me and my animal friends because there is not as much forest as there used to be!

Brad and Rebecca will plant and care for a tree in your name for $1.99. They do all of the digging in the new forest in Canada and you get the recognition in the virtual one by including the name and message of your choice along with each tree. For a one time fee of $99.00 you can even customize an online forest with your own web address, title, picture or company logo, so that your virtual trees go into your very own branded forest. I think this is the perfect way to share a green reward with your business clients, give green favours for weddings or conferences and even create a memorial for a loved one you've lost.

Of course each tree represented in the virtual forest matches an actual tree growing in Mom's Forest as of May 2012. You can even see the kind of tree that that has been planted and cared for on your behalf by hovering over it. They are all species native to the boreal region, which is perfect for red squirrels like me! And I'm really thankful that Brad and Rebecca are managing 100% of the forest as a conservation area, not for harvesting, and that very soon the land will have a 100 year lease and a caveat on the title protecting the forest from someone trying to chop down my new home! Brad and Rebecca provide pictures and updates of the trees and Mom's Forest is also in the process of pre-validation to the CarbonFix Standard, a leading standard for climate forestation projects. Projects certified according to the CarbonFix Standard are known for their high social and ecological engagements and require monitoring, reporting and appropriate replanting.

When you Create Your Forest you don't own the land, the trees or the carbon stored in the them. You can review the Purchase Agreement if you want, but in a nut shell (one of my favorite expressions) you are having trees planted and cared for in your name. Trees that are creating habitat, healthy waterways and many squirrel homes.

For every purchase you make you'll be sent the appropriate Planting Code(s) via email that you can use to Plant Your Tree and enter the name and optional message you want displayed when you Explore the Forest. Once you've planted your tree you can visit it anytime using the handy Find Your Tree feature and entering the original Planting Code.

Please help Brad and Rebecca create a home for me and all of my boreal forest friends today by making a purchase!

Yours Truly,
Reginald the Red Squirrel.

Plant Your Tree

Enter the planting code that you purchased or received and add the name and optional message you want to be displayed with the tree(s) when you Explore The Forest. Then plant it! No shovel required, because we do all the real digging for you.

Don't have one? Make a purchase and you'll be sent a planting code via email.
Plant Your Tree
 Planting Your Tree
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Find Your Tree

If you want to visit the tree(s) you've already planted simply enter the planting code that you used to get them in the ground and the squirrels will show you the way. And if you have not planted your tree(s) yet click here.

Enter the code that you previously used to plant your tree(s).
Find Your Tree
 Finding Your Tree

Together we have created 1090.29 square metres of new forest.

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